August 17, 2017 Spoke
Today’s Program:
Pam Frazier & Son Timmy, Laramie Special Olympics
August 10, 2017
Meeting Summary
Presiding: Drew Johnson
Meeting Room setup/takedown and general problem solving: Tom Mangan
Inspiration: Esther McGann
Professor’s Quote:
Guests: Rollin Abernethy introduced his wife Carolyn Abernethy; Loren Richards introduced prospective member Dave Krause; Herb Manig introduced Randal Six; Larry Struempf introduced his daughter Treasure Struempf and Samantha Castano
Exchange Student: Izzy Bonner
Visiting Rotarians: Karl & Judy Konrad
Junior Rotarians: Sarah Shinstine, Rio Spicer-Miller
Rotaract Students:
Humor: Terry Roark
Foundation Drawing: Paul Irish won $10, with 22 cards in the deck and $1,750 in the jackpot.
O’Dwyers Drawing: Klaus Hanson won a $20 gift card from ODwyer’s.
Upcoming Programs:
Aug. 24 – Jillian Barlow, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Aug. 31 – Mary Katherine Scott & Jenny Tanner Eisenhauer, International Exchange Program
Sept. 7 – Jim Wilkinson, Veriteck
Sept. 14 – Morgan Legerski, Make-A-Wish Foundation
Sept. 21 – Rowdy Yeatts, High Plains Biochar, LLC
Sept. 28 – Becky Maddox, Snowy Range Ski Area
  • Andy Hoefer announced that the upcoming golf tournament will be in Laramie at Jacoby on August 24. Members can sign up now.
  • Jerry Devin spoke about the Rotary scholarship program. Junior Rotarians are eligible. Three scholarships were provided this year to Sarah Shinstine, Katie Roth, and Scarlet Wilcox. Thanks to John Bard for all his work with the Junior Rotarians.
  • Drew Johnson received a thank you and team photo from Laramie Youth Baseball.
  • Herb Manig announced that Rotary will host a steak fry on Sept. 15 at Lindy Johnson’s home.
Rotarian of the Week: Dan Furphy nominated E. G. Meyer.
Rotarian of the Month: Nicole Hauser, Becky Maddox, Randi Downham, Murray Schroeder, and Tom Doser for their work on the duck race.
Introduction of Program: Rollin Abernethy
Rotary International Scholar, Kenneth Brenneman, spoke to the club about his year-long experience in Germany. The international scholarship was for $30,000.
Brenneman is currently finishing his thesis for an MBA. He previously served eight years in the military.
While in Germany, he spent time studying the dual economy system. He visited German banks and participated in policy discussion.
Brenneman spent most of his time in Pforzheim, Germany. The city has a population of 150,000 without immigrants. The immigrant population is 50,000, many from war torn countries such as Syria, Iraq, Serbia and Kosovo. The city is located in the southern half of Germany. It is known as the most destroyed city during WWII.
One project Brenneman worked on was low-income shelters that can house up to a family of four. There are times of extreme cold weather and trouble in many areas with lack of affordable housing.
He also worked with an RV company that produces high quality RVs at an affordable cost. He worked to introduce projects in local factory setting and local product setting leading to job creation and repair service in foreign countries.
Brenneman built cultural understanding during the project with representatives from different countries.
He also founded a small business administration with immigrants to help more start ups be successful. This was an important addition to the economy, as immigrants face significant struggles as business owners.
Brenneman worked on service projects at the college, such as street clean up or college beautification.
Responding for the Club: Paul Irish
Response: The Rotary Club of Laramie will make a donation to the Albany County Public Library’s Children’s Book Fund in the speaker’s name.
NOTE: We Do Not Donate a Book!
Upcoming Important Dates:
  • District Training Assembly – Oct. 7 in Cheyenne
  • District Training Assembly – April 7 in Cheyenne
  • Rotary Foundation Awards Dinner – April 7 in Cheyenne
  • District Conference and Club Celebration – May 3-5 in Estes Park
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