February 8, 2018 Spoke
Today’s Program:
North Cedar Refinery Cleanup, Tony Hoch
February 1, 2018
Meeting Summary
Presiding: Tim Eisenhauer
Meeting Room setup/takedown and general problem solving: Tom Mangan & Ron Van Ekeren
Professor’s Quote: Jenny Eisenhauer
Guests: Tony Hoch introduced Aaron Voos.
Exchange Students:
Visiting Rotarians:
Junior Rotarians:
Rotaract Students:
Humor: Herb Manig
Foundation Drawing: Emily Parsons won $10, with 42 cards in the deck.
O’Dwyers Drawing: Larry Struempf won a $20 gift card from ODwyer’s.
  • Tim Eisenhauer announced that RLI training will be held in Laramie Feb. 16-17. The club will pay for half of the registration fee. Provide Nicole Nelson with a copy of the receipt to be reimbursed.
  • Tim Sullivan told the club that the state FBLA conference needs judges. The conference will start March 15 at UW.
Rotarian of the Week: Todd Pearson nominated Becky Maddox for going above and beyond to help with the youth exchange ski weekend. Caitlin White nominated the following for their help with the ski weekend: Becky Maddox, Ray McElwee, Emily Parsons, the Bakers, the Eisenhauers, the Lawrence’s, the Mello’s, the Pearsons, the Schroeders, Tim Sullivan, the Stines, and Tim Snowbarger.
Special Presentation: President Tim Eisenhauer presented Rollin Abernethy with his Paul Harris +1 pin, George Gill with his Paul Harris +1 pin, Tom Mangan with his Paul Harris +2 pin, Keith Downey with his Paul Harris +4 pin, and Tim Sullivan with his Paul Harris +5 pin.
Introduction of Program: Tony Hoch
Melissa Martin from the Forest Service spoke about the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest Landscape Vegetation Analysis.  Martin is the project manager at the Forest Service and has been with USFS for 30 years. She came to Laramie in 1996.
The LaVA project has been in place for little over a year, and the full project is expected to span 10-15 years.
It is a holistic project covering two mountain ranges with the idea of also supporting local businesses and economies. The plan will allow for flexible and adoptive vegetation management. It will be implemented over a long period of time.
The plan proposes tree cutting and prescribed burning to accelerate the pace and scale of active forest management. LaVA has a new planning strategy that will be responsible to existing, on-the-ground conditions.
The project will rely on collaborative relationships and strong partnerships with other agencies and businesses.
Martin explained that the Forest Service wants to better provide for human safety, mitigate hazardous fuel loading, and to better enhance forest and rangeland resiliency. The project will also promote vegetation production, continue to support the local economy, and benefit aquatic and wildlife species.
There will be 360,000 acres of treatment broken in to smaller areas. In some areas, everything will be removed, while in other areas some growth will be left.
The LaVA project is able to determine which areas need what type of treatment with use of a database to track the different areas. The database shows a pre- and post-beetle kill comparison.
The plan also will work to construct and reclaim up to 600 miles of temporary roads. These roads were always designed to be temporary and Martin told the club that it is time to reclaim those areas.
The Forest Service is working on a 2017 public involvement effort. They will have open house meetings and are prepping for an Environmental Impact Study.
So far, the Forest Service received 58 letters with comments on how to approve the plan. The group is taking these seriously and are implementing portions of ideas from the public. Comments asked for more site specifics so the Forest Service is going to break the areas down into smaller units. Other comments noted that the size and scope of the project is too large. The Forest Service will conduct the EIS to determine all the effects of going ahead with the project.
Responding for the Club:  Tom Mangan
Response: The Rotary Club of Laramie will make a donation to the public library children’s book fund in the speaker’s name.
NOTE: We Do Not Donate a Book!
Rotary 4-way Test:
Of the things we think, say, or do
  • Is it the Truth?
  • Is it Fair?
  • Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?
  • Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
Special Announcement from John & Joyce Vandel: John & Joyce Vandel encouraged all members of the club to become part of the Paul Harris Society. They will match everyone’s monetary donation up to 500 points. Members should turn their donations in to Nicole Nelson.
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Spoke Editor: Caitlin White