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Mike Dorsson & Nicole Bleak, Healthy Kids RX
September 21, 2017
Meeting Summary
Presiding: Tim Eisenhauer
Meeting Room setup/takedown and general problem solving: Tom Mangan
Professor’s Quote: Jenny Eisenhauer
Guests: Amelia Kelso introduced prospective member Christina Greenamyre; Joe Steiner introduced prospective member Tim Robinson, Tony Hoch introduced Christy Yeatts, wife of Rowdy Yeatts.
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Foundation Drawing: Katie Hogarty won $10, with 16 cards in the deck and $2,098.50 in the jackpot.
O’Dwyers Drawing: Joe Steiner won a $20 gift card from ODwyer’s.
Upcoming Programs:
Oct. 5 – Sara Bursac, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
Oct. 12 – Ami Egge, Ark Regional Services Equestrian Center
  • Herb Manig announced that the steak fry was cancelled due to attendance. It will be rescheduled for June.
Special Announcement: President Tim Eisenhauer announced that the board will have Steve Morgan fill the open board position. Thanks to Steve for being willing to step in!
Rotarian of the Week: John Bard nominated Drew Johnson for his service to the club.
Introduction of Program: Tony Hoch
Rowdy Yeatts of High Plains Biochar, LLC, spoke to the club. Biochar is the conversion of wood waste to charcoal.
Many different sectors use biochar. It can be used as a soil amendment by gardeners, farmers, nurseries and greenhouses. Cities and parks departments use it for a variety of applications. It’s used as an industrial application to clean contaminated water.
Sources of biochar include tree service waste, beetle kill, infected ash, invasive cedar and juniper, wood waste, animal bedding, and municipal wood waste such as pallets.
High Plains Biochar recently took part in a green roof project in Nebraska that used biochar. They also participated in the recent Laramie community service day where biochar was added to the soil for the newly planted trees.
The company is working on developing awareness in Wyoming, where biochar is not well known. It is popular in organic farming in Colorado and other surrounding states. High Plains Biochar is looking to work with UW to find other applications.
The company also hopes to develop a portable biochar production vessel, so they can travel to areas that have large amounts of wood waste, such as beetle kill areas.
The company would like to help Laramie reduce the volume of green waste going to the landfill, and it is looking in to carbon credits.
Yeatts told the club how biochar benefits the soil. It adds carbon back in, it helps with better water drainage, and the microbes like it.
Another interesting part of Yeatts’ presentation was how biochar can be used as a cattle feed supplement. High Plains Biochar will be featured in a study on the topic later in the fall.
As a cattle feed supplement, biochar can reduce methane emissions and make digestion easier for the animals.
The average lifespan of the High Plains Biochar product is 15,000 years. The biochar only needs to be applied once in soil, and it is assistive in global warning.
Sustainable biochar is a simple tool that can: fight global warming, produce a soil enhancer that holds carbon and makes soil more fertile, reduces agriculture waste, and produces clean, renewable energy.
High Plains Biochar is a small, family owned business in Laramie. The company has been manufacturing biochar for the last two years and have sold biochar in half the country via online sales.
Their product is being used in tree planting in Omaha, bean plots in Scottsbluff, on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, and to increase cannabis yields in Massachusetts.
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Responding for the Club: Tim Sullivan
Response: The Rotary Club of Laramie will make a donation to the Albany County Public Library’s Children’s Book Fund in the speaker’s name.
NOTE: We Do Not Donate a Book!
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